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KYBA programs for 2014/2015 season

The KYBA offers programs to suit player needs ranging from those who are just starting out to the experienced competitive player. Both practice and league play are designed to offer equal measures of player enjoyment (FUN), physical fitness and personal skill development. However, each player has a different view of what constitutes fun, fitness and skill development.

To address these varying objectives, the KYBA offers programs such as:

  • Small Ball (for 5 and 6 years old players - SK/GR 1);
  • House League, which represents basic level of play in all its divisions;
  • opportunity to be a part of the House League Selects, which exposes players to more challenging competition by participating in local competitive tournaments;
  • and finally A, AA, AAA Competitive Teams (Ottawa Next Level), which is built on the instruction of basketball fundamentals with the aim to develop and improve on players skills and abilities.

The KYBA’s house league is the basic and hence, most widely used program.

All practices and games (except for occasional inter-association tournaments) are held in gymnasiums of local Kanata schools. Practices are held on weekday evenings, with the earliest times going to our youngest players. Games may be held on evening practice times but are mostly held on Saturdays.


Division Year Of Birth House League Competitive
Smallball 2008 and younger
Boys and Girls
Not Applicable
Novice 2005-2007
Not Offered
Atom 2003-2004
Bantam 2001-2002
Midget 1999-2000
Juvenile - Junior 1996-1998


KYBA offers separate male and female programs at all age levels except Smallball.

No movement of players between male and female teams is permitted regardless of the circumstances.[Back to top]

Registration Process

Online registration for the house league program, including Smallball, for the 2014/2015 season is now closed

Players wishing to access the competitive program (Ottawa Next Level) must first attend a tryout and selection process. Tryout dates for the anticipated divisions will be posted for this coming season. Please print the tryout form, complete it, and bring with you to the scheduled tryout for your respective age group, along with your $20 tryout fee. Players may choose to tryout for both an elite and standard competitive team should it be offered, but will be required to pay the tryout fee only once.

A player selected for an Ottawa Next Level team will be able to register online effective the date of making the team. Players who are not placed on a competitive team may register for the house league program.

The inclusion of a current email address in your child's registration record and access to the internet will become essential to receive most forms and receipts from the KYBA. Only documents requiring legal signatures and the sending of cheques / money orders will continue to use the traditional post mail. If you have special needs, please contact the Registrar.

For players under 18 years of age, the form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Signatures by other persons are not valid and will not be accepted by the KYBA. In addition to the registration form, the player must pay the basic registration fee. The types of fees, their amounts and applications are defined in the fees section.

Here is the list of all House League divisional conveners for this season - 2014/2015: 

Registration for 2014/2015 season is closed.

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Some important notes with regard to registration:

  • Registration should be completed prior to the beginning of team practices in the fall, since the KYBA’s liability insurance does not cover unregistered players. Therefore, only registered players will be permitted to practice and / or play with the KYBA.
  • Registration numbers will be assigned according to the date the registration form is received by the KYBA registrar. The registration number indicates the order of priority should space limitations be a problem. No registration number will be assigned to applications received without all the elements required to fully complete registration. Regardless of registration priority, access to KYBA programs is offered to Kanata residents, first.
  • Parents / players are encouraged to carefully verify the information on the registration form to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information such as address, postal code, phone number and the designated emergency contact.
  • The emergency contact is very important and the number submitted should be a number (e.g. cell phone), which offers a very high probability of reaching the parent or guardian at any time.
  • The KYBA strongly recommends that parents of players under 12 years of age attend both practices and games. In the case of those who must work or have other unbreakable commitments during practice and game time(s), we request that the parent delegate a suitable adult representative to ensure that your child is supervised before and after the practices and / or game, and / or attended if a minor injury should occur.[Back to top]
  • Physical parameters such as height and weight are important but health conditions (e.g. knee problems or asthma) must be noted. Coaches need to know if there are any problems with their player’s health so they can watch for, and head-off a problem before it becomes serious. This is a partnership between parent and coach..[Back to top]
  • The parental signature warrants the accuracy of the information presented on the form.  An example of misrepresentation is where players deliberately report an inaccurate birth date in order to secure assignment to an incorrect division. Such incidents will be dealt with by the KYBA’s Discipline Committee. .[Back to top]
  • The KYBA reserves the right to deny access and/or remove players from its programs if the player deliberately presents inaccurate information on their registration form..[Back to top]
  • The year of birth is the only factor in establishing a player’s division. Proof of age is required for all new player registrants or for any returning players wishing to make changes in their birth date information. Only Canadian birth certificates, passports or immigration documents will be accepted by the KYBA as a valid proof of age. Any changes to birth date information currently in the database or new player registrations, must be accompanied by a photocopy of the player’s birth certificate, passport or immigration card. This photocopy must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.[Back to top]
  • The registration form offers a choice of a practice night. While practice nights may vary, games are primarily played on weekends. However, the distribution of skill levels and hence, the creation of fair and equitable teams will be considered more important that practice night requests. In other words, there will be no guarantee of your practice night selection regardless of priority, except in the Novice division. Should anyone have special needs, please contact the KYBA Registrar.[Back to top]


Eligibility Criteria for Access to KYBA Programs


  • All boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18 living within the boundaries of the former City of Kanata are eligible to register for KYBA house league programs (Cavaliers). KYBA house league programs are offered on a first-come-first-served and space-available basis but residents of the former City of Kanata will be given priority access to KYBA programs. Some listed KYBA programs may not be offered in a specific season if there are insufficient registered players to make a practical league (4 teams minimum), either internal to the KYBA or in cooperation with adjacent, partner associations.
  • The KYBA competitive program (Ottawa Next Level), is a regional based program founded by Dave DeAveiro under the Ottawa Next Level Basketball Academy. Players in the Kanata, and broader city of Ottawa, including surrounding areas may tryout.
Any and all players registered for the KYBA house league programs are eligible to tryout for the KYBA competitive program in their division. [Back to top]
  • There are three (3) exceptions to the eligibility defined in Section a:
    • The KYBA makes every effort to accommodate each and every player wishing to participate in the sport of basketball. The KYBA will accept players with minor disabilities where that disability does not present a danger to either the player or his / her teammates. However, the KYBA is not capable of supporting players with more severe disabilities such as players in wheelchairs. The divisional convener’s should encourage parents to discuss their child’s limitations in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable playing experience. The final decision to register a child with minor disabilities is the responsibility of the KYBA Registrar.[Back to top]

    • Parents registering children under 16 years of age who suffer from life threatening conditions such as allergies, which require emergency treatment, must identify that condition on their child’s registration form.Furthermore, the parent(s) must agree that at least one parent will attend each and every practice and game. The KYBA cannot accept a child’s registration if the parents are unwilling to make this commitment. Once the registration is processed, a letter confirming the commitment and defining its terms will be sent to the parent(s) by the KYBA Registrar.[Back to top]

    • Players selected for competitive basketball teams within the KYBA’s competitive programs are transferred out of the house league program and may not participate with any house league team. Players on the rosters of a competitive team with any other association, cannot be placed on any KYBA team, house league, or competitive teams. 

      This policy is rigidly enforced by the KYBA to ensure fair and balanced teams and to comply with regulations set down by Basketball Ontario for member associations. Players involved in competitive programs in other sports are permitted to play in the KYBA’s house league program but should be encouraged to determine whether they are capable of making a reasonable commitment to their house league team. 

      Any players registered in the KYBA who are later selected for a competitive program with an association other than the KYBA must immediately declare their participation with the other association to the KYBA Registrar in writing and request a withdrawal / refund in accordance with the withdrawal / refund policy.[Back to top]

  • Withdrawal / Refund Policy

    Any player may withdraw from the KYBA programs before the official start of the playing season defined as October 15th or the closest Monday to that date. All written withdrawal notices received before the official start of the playing season will receive a full refund of their registration fees.

    After the official start of the playing season, there is a fourteen (14) day grace period during which a player may withdraw and receive a full refund provided he / she has not practiced or played with his / her team. If the player has practiced or played with his / her team, then the registration fee will be refunded less the program fee for the player’s division (typically $15).

    Once the 14-day grace period has expired, players withdrawing from KYBA programs will be refunded less the program fee for the player’s division (typically $15) and must return any team shirts and / or other equipment (e.g. basketball) received from the team. This charge is made regardless whether the player practiced or played with his / her team.

    Once the 14-day grace period has expired, players withdrawing from KYBA programs will be refunded less the program fee for the player’s division (typically $15) and must return any team shirts and / or other equipment (e.g. basketball) received from the team. This charge is made regardless whether the player practiced or played with his / her team.

    After twenty-eight (28) days from the official season start, players withdrawing from the KYBA programs will be refunded 50% of their registration fees until December 21st. This charge is made regardless whether the player practiced or played with his / her team. The player may retain any team shirts and / or other equipment (e.g. basketball) received from the team.

    All withdrawal requests requiring refunds must be submitted to the Registrar in writing on or before December 21. After that, no refunds will be issued regardless of the player’s participation with his / her team.

    All notifications of withdrawal must be made in writing by the parent(s) or legal guardian to the KYBA Registrar. Written notifications may be by e-mail or physical mail. Withdrawals will be confirmed in writing by the Registrar.

    Important: The Registrar will not act upon a withdrawal until written notice has been received.

    Under special circumstances, verbal notification to the divisional convener will accepted when getting written notification to the Registrar before a deadline is not possible. However, the verbal notification must be followed up with a written notification as soon as possible. Verbal notification before a given deadline will be confirmed with the divisional convener and acceptance of that notification is at the discretion of the Registrar. Verbal notification to coaches will not be accepted under any circumstances.[Back to top]


    Player Information Privacy Policy

    KYBA registration system maintains a comprehensive database of all players registered in the current and previous seasons. In addition to standard information such as name, address, phone number(s) and birth date, the registration system stores the name and phone number of an emergency contact, fee payment details and status, descriptions of player health problems, player team requests and assignment, and a fifteen (15) year history of team and coach for each player.

    Player health information provided by parents on the registration form is provided to coaches and division conveners for the sole purpose of ensuring the maximum level of safety possible for the child during games and practices. Financial information beyond the indication that the player has or has not paid his / her fees, is handled exclusively by the KYBA Registrar and is not shown on any forms, printouts or documents outside the registration system. Communication of financial matters (e.g. fee payments) is by email or physical mail directly from the KYBA Registrar to the concerned parent.

    The information in the registration system is for the exclusive use of KYBA and is used solely for the purpose of administering KYBA programs. KYBA will not provide any player information to anyone outside the Executive and coaches. Coaches are required to destroy all player information other than team player lists and personal notes at the end of each season

    A printout of the player information record for any registered player is available to a player’s parent or legal guardian upon receipt of a written (signed) request to the KYBA Registrar. Juvenile and Junior division players who are 18 years-of-age may acquire a printout of their player information and history records upon receipt of a written (signed) request to the KYBA Registrar. Please understand that under the Canada’s privacy statutes, the KYBA cannot provide parents of adult players with their child’s player information or history records.

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    Discipline Committee

    Should any player exhibit violent, dangerous or other inappropriate behaviour in the gym before, during and / or after a game, the KYBA referees will issue an incident report to the Registrar and the VP, House League.

    For players under 18 years of age, these incident reports will be investigated by the Discipline Committee. In some cases, this investigation may lead to penalties imposed by the KYBA Executive Committee. Penalties may range from discussion between parent and coach, to a suspension from play up to and including the balance of the season, dependent on the severity of the incident. In extreme cases, particularly when the behaviour results in injuries, the KYBA Discipline Committee may be compelled to notify police.

    At the time the referees issue the technical foul, both coaches will be notified by the referees that an incident report will be issued. A copy of the referee’s incident report will be provided to parents of the affected player on written request. However, witness statements and other documents generated in pursuit of the incident investigation are private to the KYBA and will not be provided to anyone outside the KYBA Executive Committee except when requested by police or other civil authorities as prescribed by the Laws of Canada and / or the Province of Ontario.

    Discipline Committee rulings are final and KYBA will not engage in negotiations on these rulings with players or parents.[Back to top]



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