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About KYBA

The KYBA (Kanata Youth Basketball Association) is a non-profit association, which offers league basketball for children and youth ranging in age from 5 to 18 years. All KYBA executives as well as coaching and suport staff are volunteers. The latest version of the  KYBA Contitution can be found here.

The Kanata Youth Basketball Association has been setup with the mandate to promote basketball to Kanata youth at all levels through both house league, and develop competitive teams to full potential throughout Kanata-Ottawa. In the over 25 years that the KYBA has existed, over 12,500 youth have participated in the basketball program.

The KYBA is funded primarily by the players/parents user fees, and fund raiser initiatives make up the remainder of the KYBA's funding. The KYBA is associated with Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA), the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) and through the OBA to Basketball Canada.


The primary objectives and aims of the KYBA are:

  • to create unique basketball organization that delivers smallball and house league programs to the Kanata community, and a competitive program for players throughout the Kanata-Ottawa region.

  • to promote, organize and develop the game of basketball through these programs for boys and girls, helping players develop to their potential, mastering their individual game.

  • to provide a fun and healthy environment in both the recreational and competitive programs with approriate instruction, personal development, and healthy enjoyment through the sport of basketball. 

  • to enable strong development of fundamental skills and increased ability to compete at top levels.

  • to sponsor or conduct coaching clinics, refereeing clinics, and tournaments.

  • to sponsor underprivileged kids who want to participate in basketball.

  • to give university scholarships to youth who proved to be a role model in our community.

  • to operate on a non-profit basis



The KYBA offers programs to suit player needs ranging from the experienced competitive player to those who are just starting out. Both practice and league play are designed to offer equal measures of player enjoyment (FUN), physical fitness and personal skill development. However, each player has a different view of what constitutes fun, fitness and skill development.

The KYBA programs address these varying objectives,  by offering a multi-tiered program ranging from the house league which represent basic level of play in all divisions, to the city-wide competitive teams which vary in number and composition across each division.

Kyba offers separate male and female programs at all age levels. No movement of players between male and female teams is permitted regardless of the circumstances.

KYBA maintains a comprehensive database of registered players, containing name, address, phone numbers, health card number birth date, name and phone number of emergency contact. The player database is for the exclusive use of KYBA and is used only for the purpose of administering KYBA programs. KYBA will give no access to any player information to anyone outside the executive and coaches.

A printout of the player information record for any registered player is available to a player’s parent or legal guardian upon receipt of a written request to the KYBA Registrar.

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